05. Nitro Cold Brew Machine – Single Tap – Tower

Price Available On Request


  • Lease Finance from £99/Month over 3 Years
  • Includes Air Compressor
  • Holds 10 Litre Bag In Box
  • Creates the stunning Guinness/Cascade effect


The Nitro Cold Brew Machine enables you to serve cold coffee with the famous Guinness or Cascade effect. The Machine is quick/easy to install/use and comes with an in built air compressor, removing the need for Nitrogen Canisters/Steel Coffee Kegs. Simply connect a 10 Litre Bag In Box Coffee (or any non-pressurised container) which will serve 100 cups of 100ml Coffee. Unlike hot coffee, Cold Brew Coffee can be sold without VAT which will increase your profits and achieve a quick return on investment. 

Machine size
36cm L x 35cm W x 17cm H (14″ L x 14″ W x 7″ H)
Machine Weight
10kg (22lbs)
Total Pack Size
80cm L x 66cm W x 60cm H (32″ L x 26″ W x 24″ H)
Total Pack Weight
44kg (97lbs)
1/ cardboard box

Nitro Cold Brew Machine Brochure


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