Research and Development


JetChill has a partnership with Lancer and Blendtec owned by Hoshizaki.


Lancer is recognised as a worldwide leader in the beverage dispensing industry.
Blendtec is known as the maker of the strongest, fastest, and World’s Most Advanced Blenders.
Hoshizaki is the global leader in design, manufacturing & marketing of equipment for the foodservice industry.

Together we have taken products to market, through the full process, from initial concept to production runs.
This has included prototyping, compliance testing, IP protection, product launch and marketing.

Lancer-Hoshizaki logo
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Research & Development Products


JetChill has access to design and product engineers and is launching exciting new products in 2017.
We can offer services needed from initial idea through to finished product.
Our customers use us because they need more innovation, better products and new ideas.
If you have a bespoke concept for the hospitality industry that needs developing then please get in touch.


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