‘Up All Night’

The ‘Up All Night’ is an extravagant adaptation of the Espresso Martini that is topped off with dry ice powder from the JetChill Machine. Served exclusively in Intrigue Nightclub at The Wynn this cocktail is designed to serve 6 people but could probably power The Strip!

To make take a clean empty absinthe water-dripper fountain and add:

50ml (2 ounces) Wilks & Wilson lime and mint simple syrup

100ml (4 ounces) Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

50ml (2 ounces) Disaronno

50ml (2 ounces) Liquor 43

200ml (8 ounces) of house-made cold-brew concentrate charged with a single cartridge of nitrogen in an ISI charging canister

Finally add 2x 5 gram (0.20 ounce) JetChill dry ice charges and stir gently to activate

Turn the fountain faucets to dispense the cocktail into tulip glasses and enjoy your part in ‘The Hangover Part IV’… 

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