Phantom Of The Opera Cocktail

Sir Alan Sugar had an interesting interpretation of the JetChill smoking drinks, served by team Nebular on The Apprentice this week, saying they reminded him of the Phantom Of The Opera. The Apprentice task was to create a new Gin and show how it could be served as a cocktail. Both team Nebular and Titan were given the option of using the JetChill Machine and Alana from team Nebular was quickest to see the theatrical benefits of the Machine to secure if for her team. For the first part of the task we headed down to The East London Liquor Company where Alana did a great job of choosing her Giin flavours and using the JetChill Machine to create her signature cocktail. We then followed the team through the London traffic to the pitches at Majestic, Tesco and Bar Works. The Giin smoking cocktails were well received by all the customers and team leader Alana secured large orders which won the task by a comfortable distance.   

Most viewers wonder how realistic the tasks are and it’s easy to criticise contestants from the comfort of the couch. Having seen the filming process in action the producers push the contestants to create a pressurised environment with little down time. If they are not being filmed performing a task, they are being interviewed, organising or rushing to the next location. And when not filming tasks back to back, they are confined to the house with no phones our outside contact.        

For all the Phantom Of The Opera fans out there, a quick bit of Google research indicates no bartender has created a Phantom Of The Opera Cocktail before. So our Mixologist David Cook has donned his white mask and retired to the JetChill Lab to concoct one. The drink needs to be black and David is experimenting with activated charcoal to achieve this look. Apparently one of the side effects of activated charcoal is that it prevents hangovers, we’ll send the samples down to team Titan….

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