Santa’s Olympic Helper

We were asked by The Gadget Show to provide some entertainment for their Xmas Special Show at Truckman offices in the exotic surroundings of Dudley. The JetChill Machine and the Cyclone Machine were set up on the bar and presenter Amy Williams played the part of female Tom Cruise and served the Santa Cocktails to the thirsty, very thirsty employees of Truckman. The Cyclone was filled up with 7 Litres of cocktail 5 minutes before the camera was ready to roll. One of the features of the Cyclone is it’s quick dispense mechanism which is usually a good thing. Having turned our back to the crowd for 2 minutes however, we had some quenched customers but were down to 0 Litres of cocktail, with about 60 seconds before the camera was ready to roll. Thankfully Amy quickly adapted to her bartender role and managed to remake 7 litres of cocktail at Olympic speed to save the day and prevent the production crew and customers from rioting.    

Now for those of you who managed to complete your 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics sticker book you will remember that Amy competed for GB in the Skeleton (aka mad face first sledging). Not only that she won the Gold which was the first by a female for 58 years! And to make the achievement even more impressive she was the only Brit to win a medal at those Olympics. You can impress all/one weird friend with the life changing knowledge that Amy is the first (and only) Olympic gold medalist to use the JetChill and Cyclone Machines.


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