Cloche Theatre


A Lemon Sour Vapour adds a new dimension to a tired Tequila Serve.

A cloche (from the French word for ‘bell’), is a tableware cover famously used in banquets to keep food covered and warm until the plates were ready for service. This is usually done for dramatic effect with gasps of delight from the guests as they feast their eyes on the array of delicacies.

We’re able to apply the same principle to our cocktail serves with gusto since technological advances in glassware have given rise to more and more exciting styles and sizes of glass cloche. You can see a few different styles in the photos above and below.

One of the key theatrical elements of JetChill is the vapour cloud produced through the reaction between liquid and dry-ice, with a cloche we can trap that cloud and use it to shape the cocktail experience. We can then manipulate it in a couple of ways to accentuate the serve: as a theatrical tool to collect vapour and in a practical capacity to infuse flavour to both the atmosphere and cocktail itself.

For both theatre and flavour the procedure is very similar:

Step 1: The prepared cocktail is placed in a cloche or similar chamber while the dry ice is prepared. A JetChill Glass is charged and placed in the vapour infuser (see Step 2). At this point you can add a few drops of your choice of flavour drops or leave neutral. There are 68 flavours available from the supplied link.

Step 2: Add boiling water (please take care!) to the charged glass and replace the lid of the vapour infuser. The vapour discharging from the infuser can then be directed into the cloche either through the top, inlet hole on the side or under the edge, depending on the style you use. When using boiling water the reaction is very fast so the cloche should fill within 5–10 secs.

Step 3: The vapour will last for a minute or so under normal conditions so could be filled at the bar and transported to a table. If served at the bar the excess (and unused) vapour still flowing from the infuser can be used to mist the surrounding area or envelop the customer with your chosen fragrance. Around 80–90% of our taste sense comes from our smell – so a nice fragrance is the perfect set-up for a delicious cocktail!

Step 4: “The Big Reveal” — Now your cocktail has infused with flavour (or just done the job of looking spectacular if you’ve gone for plain vapour) you’re ready to serve. This is simply done by lifting up the cloche to release the trapped vapour and giving it a quick ‘waft’ over the cocktail glass. Any customer or bystander should be amazed at the effect this gives and when performed in a busy bar will almost guarantee repeat sales for the evening.

The cocktail we chose to infuse was a Dark Rum Old Fashioned with Mozart Chocolate Bitters and an Orange-flavour Vapour, recipe below:

Terry’s Mist You:

  • 60ml (2 oz.) Bacardi 8yo Dark Rum
  • 1 Brown Sugar Cube
  • 3 Drops Mozart Chocolate Bitters
  • 2 Drops Orange Vapour Drops
  • Cubed Ice
  • Slice Orange Peel (Garnish)


Lightly muddle the chocolate bitters and brown sugar in the bottom of a rocks glass. Slowly add the ice and stir over the course of several minutes until the drink is perfectly chilled and the rum has taken on a lighter hue. Twist the orange peel to release the citrus oils over the cocktail and place on top. Use the vapour drops in the direction described above to complete the cocktail experience.


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