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Chilling Glasses

At JetChill we’re in the business of chilling drinks quickly and efficiently. It’s always sad for us to see hardworking business owners spending thousands buying and maintaining a big Ice Machine to serve cold, refreshing drinks but then serving them in a warm glass.

Here’s one we frosted earlier!

We all know that the colder and more refreshing the drink served is (especially in warmer climates or in Summer), the happier your patrons will be and the greater the likelihood is that they’ll return or recommend your venue to their friends. So why spend so much on an ice machine if a large chunk of the ice has to melt in order to chill the glass (thus diluting the drink). Liquid conducts heat 20 times more efficiently than air and so that warm glass very quickly conducts heat straight into your drink, melting the ice. The money you spent to manufacture and serve that ice is just going down the drain…almost literally. Wouldn’t it be much easier to frost the glass with ice, helping the ice to maintain the drink at a cool temperature without melting, and giving the tactile sensation to the customer of an ice cold, refreshing serve? A serve by the way which adds perceived value because of the frosted appearance and softens the blow of any associated price increases due to the recent increases in inflation, rent and business rates.

This frosted look is achievable with a bar-top freezer although that has its drawbacks in terms of available space and electricity costs (they’re relatively expensive to run). Heineken have been big proponents of this approach in the UK and have actually proved the concept for us that consumers prefer their beers in ice cold glasses. It both feels and tastes better. The sticking points that vendors have are as described above: it’s difficult to justify the space on the bar top (it’s pointless having the freezer back of house because of the loss of time running for a glass each time); there’s a spike in energy bills which is difficult to justify — especially since it’s a constant outlay (you can’t just turn the freezer on and off when you want a cold glass). This is coupled with the fact that in busy periods you may run out of frozen glasses and it’ll take another 2–3 hours to freeze them all again.

The GlassChill can frost most types of glasses within seconds.

There is a solution to this all of course. It’s a neat little package that fits into the approximate footprint of a blender, uses a fractional amount of electricity and freezes a glass from room temperature in around 6 seconds. That’s less than the time taken to pour a pint or serve a spirit and mixer. Sound a bit too good to be true? Not at all with a GlassChill machine from JetChill. At the risk of turning this article into a sales brochure — all you need to know is that the GlassChill machine uses a blast of powdered Dry Ice to freeze the glass quickly and safely. It works on almost any type of glass, including polycarbonates and martinis and uses the same type of gas you use in post-mix soda gun systems. Want to find out more? Get in touch on any of our Social Media or via our Website for more info!

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