Absinthe Tower


Last week on our facebook page we featured a very theatrical serve using an Absinthe Tower and Nitro Coffee alongside some Pernod Ricard Brands. This week we’re recreating the serve with a slightly different cocktail…as well as knocking the theatre aspect up a notch.

The beauty of the Absinthe Tower is that they’re generally very attractive pieces of glassware, so putting one in the middle of table is sure to draw envious looks. That’s perfect for an operator because, much like the old trick with sparklers on a Vodka Bottle, you want to encourage other groups to buy the sharer which is fast to put together and has a good margin. Helping both your bottom line and speed of service in a busy venue. The tower sits quite high on the table so visibility really isn’t a problem with this one. The other advantage is that because of the tap system: it works perfectly well with 2–3 people as it does with 5–6 (although with only 4 taps you generally want to encourage a second purchase with any more than 4 people).


So how have we set up our tower? From the picture above you can see that we’ve started with cubed ice as a base layer for this cocktail and set up our glassware as it would be presented. We’re adding a brightly-coloured cocktail to the top chamber (you can use any cocktail you prefer) and it’s also possible to sprinkle a layer of dry ice powder on top to create that misty effect. We use a powder because it floats and so won’t flow out through the bottom taps (the diameter of the taps precludes this in any case) but also because the powder dissipates quickly reducing the risk that someone might decide to play with it and injure themselves. As with anything fun in bars, such as sparklers, we always recommend a degree of supervision to err on the side of safety.


It’s important to charge your glasses just before you sprinkle your dry-ice powder so that you achieve the best reaction for the serve. You can see in the above photo the glasses being charged in the JetChill Machine. It takes around 10s per 2 glasses in the Pro Model and 6s per glass in the Single Model.


Once everything is ready, you’re good to serve to the table. The mist will start to dissipate quite quickly from the tower but fortunately the shape should trap as much vapour as is needed for a few minutes, allowing your clients to snap a few pictures for social media. Hopefully you remembered to brand your tower and glasses! For the serve it’s very easy, you can just place the charged glasses under the taps and open them. It can take up to a minute to fill each glass so they’re plenty of time to enjoy the show. The glasses are a self-contained dry-ice system so there’s no danger of injury under normal use. Once any residual dry ice in the top of the tower has evaporated you can leave the group to it! An excellent way to up-sell to the group would be to offer freshly recharged glasses for a nominal charge for them to continue enjoying the effect of the sharer.

We’d be happy to help you refine this idea in your own venue, just give us a shout on our social media or contact information!

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