A typical “Growler Vessel” that can be pressurised with Carbon Dioxide.

We’ve already discussed a great Group Serve using the JetChill Machine and Instant Sodas using an iSi Whipper or Soda Siphon so it was only natural that we combined the two to create this monster of a serve to enjoy with friends.

Basics first: What is a Growler?
So Growlers have been around for several hundred years in various guises and forms. At their simplest, they are a vessel used to transport beer from one place to another with ease (think of a swing-top bottle for instance). In a modern format they are generally constructed from glass or ceramics with the more complex ones constructed of stainless steel. Most of these are insulated and kept under pressure using a little CO2 pellet, much like a Soda Siphon. This allows them to keep beer or any other liquid cool and carbonated.

Growlers have a number of different uses including allowing a bartender to empty a nearly-finished keg and tap a new one while maintaining a constant supply of beer. It allows patrons to take some of their favourite beers home and store them for a number of days when they’re not available in bottles or cans.

How the modern format Growler works.


How can we adapt them for a Group Cocktail Serve?

The good news about Growlers is that they can have a capacity from a few pints up to more than 3.5 litres. This is a great range for a group cocktail serve as you can serve a group of 8 people a cocktail that can sit on the table, is easily released from a tap and will serve a few glasses each. Using JetChill you can create a great carbonated cocktail (read our previous articles for how this is done), chill the drink and provide the pressure the Growler needs to work properly.

We’ve created a step-by-step recipe below for you to follow but it can be adapted for any cocktail:

Step 1: Obtain a 64oz (1.9 Litre) Growler; 2 Dry Ice ‘Pucks’ from a JetChill Machine; Pineapple Juice; Malibu Coconut Rum; Tito’s Vodka; Grenadine; & Lime Juice.

Step 2: Open the Growler, checking that it’s clean and fill with 1.2 Litres of Pineapple Juice.

Step 3: Add 100ml of Malibu and 50ml Tito’s Vodka to the pineapple along with 50ml Grenadine & 50ml Lime Juice.

Step 4: Check the Growler Tap-seal is in place, then drop 2 JetChill Dry Ice ‘Pucks’ into the mix, closing the vessel lid and sealing.

Step 5: Gently agitate the vessel to encourage the dissolution of the gas and the chilling of the mixture. This will also help to evenly mix the cocktail.

Step 6: After approximately 60 seconds the cocktail will be fine to serve in garnished glasses (we recommend Pineapple wedges & leaves) and will have a similar flavour to the soft drink, ‘Lilt’.

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