So it’s finally here, exactly one week until Halloween and a few days until the parties start on Friday. So you have your JetChill machine (even if you don’t you might find some useful ideas here) but you need a few quick ideas to make the most of it this frightful season.

Everyday items can make great props for serving drinks.

Everyday Items — It turns out that our JetChill shot-glass fits perfectly into a Skull Candleholder we found in a boutique bar shop (London Bar & Kitchen in Newcastle-upon-Tyne). Not only that but with a little backlighting it makes an incredibly dramatic serve on a night-time. You could also try using the glasses in dollarstore/poundshop cheap decorations or even inside mini pumpkins (look our for the big one coming up later in the article).

A little bit of chemistry can bring magic and drama to an ordinary serve.

Activated Charcoal — We ordered a little Activated Charcoal from one of our suppliers (Vapour Mixology)which sits quite innocuously at the bottom of the glass until you add your cocktail or shot-tail. Then you get an apparently magical reaction as the coloured cocktail churns in a jet black smoking potion. This works with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids so a great way to keep the kids entertained. Just as a note: quantities of activated charcoal have been linked with mild effects on medication so please exercise common sense and seek clarification if appropriate.


Cocktail Pearls can be used to make some very spooky cocktails.

Cocktail Pearls — Cocktail pearls can be a great addition to a smoking cocktail to add an extra spooky element at Halloween (think Witch’s Brew with frogspawn, eye of newt etc.) We’ve produced a video to show you exactly how it’s done here.

Dry Ice from JetChill can be used as a theatrical prop.

Dry Ice Theatre –  Smoking JetChill glasses can be used to create some great fog effects in cauldrons or even pumpkins as pictured! If you think a backlit pumpkin is spooky…wait until you see an ethereal mist drifting out of its open mouth! Just a note of caution, carbon dioxide is an excellent extinguisher of naked flames so this effect works best with LED lights!

We wish you a happy and prosperous Halloween from all the team at JetChill. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest ideas and concepts!

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