JetChill Smoking Drinks sold by Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Casinos, Hotels & Drink Brands

Discover how JetChill has benefited different types of venue in various countries through: 

Increased Add On sales revenue

Extra Up Sell drinks margin

Expanding social media interaction

Encouraging new clientele

Improving customer satisfaction and venue atmosphere 

Bar Case Studies 

Sam Jacks, Newcastle, UK

Bob Senior:

“Sam Jacks is a busy city centre bar over two floors and I was looking for a way to increase floor sales. We had previously sold straight shots and jelly shots on the floor but sales were inconsistent and interest had dropped from customers and also the girls serving the drinks. We therefore installed a couple of JetChill Systems at the bar and used the Floor Trays to serve the smoking drinks in the Shot-Tail Glasses on the venue floor. The reaction was instant, the customers loved the experience and the girls serving the drinks were also revitalised. We have now been selling the smoking drinks for over 2 years, sales are still consistent which has been a fantastic ‘add on’ sale for the business. Smoking Drinks have become a ritual in our venue.”   

College Bar, Illinois, USA

Javier Cervantes:

“JetChill is awesome! The place takes off when we fire up the smoking drinks. We initially purchased one machine and within three weeks we purchased a second machine to keep up with demand. Our main customers are students from Oklahoma State University (just round the corner) and they go nuts for the smoking drinks as they can show off to their friends.”

JetChill Dry Ice Cocktail Machine Testimonial

Club Case Studies 

Mini Bar, Chicago, USA

John Dalton:

“We operate the best gay club in town and were looking for a new product to excite our luxurious clientele. The JetChill experience looked fabulous in the marketing material and was even better in real life, as you also get to see the reaction the drinks have on other people. Our customers cherish the showmanship of the product which makes them centre of attention when ordering a round of Smoking Drinks. We have been selling the drinks from the bar for 2 years and our customers return time and again for the JetChill experience.”

Volksgarten, Vienna, Austria

Benjamin Thorstensen:

“Volksgarten is 180 years old and still known as one of the best clubs in the world. To survive that long we have always moved with the times and listened to what our new generation of customers are in to. The focus recently has been on social media which means customers are looking for an interesting photo opportunity. Therefore our drinks need to be more than just a method for getting drunk. This is where the JetChill product really delivers as it creates the perfect photo or ‘selfie’ opportunity for our customers.

JetChill Dry Ice Cocktail Machine Testimonial

Hotel Case Studies 

Cliff Hotel, Suffolk, UK

Daryn Ferguson:

“The Cliff Hotel is an award winning elegant hotel on the picturesque beaches of Gorleston. We use our JetChill System for a variety of reasons. We use it to serve in different areas, sometimes we serve from the Bar or to our outside terrace and then for events in our functions rooms or for a wedding party. We also use it to serve different types of drinks, so maybe shots on the terrace at one end of the scale and a signature cocktail for a wedding at the other end. The great feature about the JetChill System is its flexibility as we can move it around the Hotel depending on where we are serving from.”

Bella Sera, Colorado, USA 

Elisabeth Montoya:

“The JetChill System is perfect for my wedding events. We offer it to the wedding party in our special ‘Wow Factor’ package. The drinks are usually served for the wedding toast which produces a memorable group moment. They are enjoyed by guests of all ages whether it is a hip 21 year old or a sprightly 85 year old grandparent. We have won numerous Wedding Experience Awards and JetChill has contributed to this.”

JetChill Dry Ice Cocktail Machine Testimonial

Casino Case Studies 

Genting Rouge, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Charles Muaya:

“As a bartender/mixologist with more than 10 years experience in the industry I have never seen anything like JetChill before! It’s a great tool for flair bartending and I use it to experiment and create all types of innovative concoctions. It’s not just about the visual effect of the smoke. The dry ice reaction will also mix the drink, chill it and release the aroma’s of the drink in the smoke. It appeals to all the senses. I have also used the dry ice powder the machine creates to create ice cream cocktails and carbonate cocktails. This Machine is a must for any aspiring bartender or mixologist.”

The Wynn Casino, Las Vegas, USA

Pauly Freedman:

“Vegas is the party capital of the world, so if you are opening a new venue you need to stand out and JetChill definitely makes you stand out! We purchased four JetChill Machines for our new club Intrigue. We mainly use them in our VIP area where hostesses serve smoking shots from our customised LED trays. We also use the JetChill dry ice to serve our signature group serve cocktail the ‘Up All Night’. If Vegas was a drink it would be the smoking drink, mayhem in a glass.”

JetChill Dry Ice Cocktail Machine Testimonial

Restaurant Case Studies 

Tortuga Jacks, Georgia, USA

Larry Dinkins:

“We are an Oceanfront Restaurant and Tiki Bar located on the beautiful Jekyll Island. We also cater and host various events in the restaurant from concerts to weddings. We initially purchased the JetChill Twin Probe System to serve one premium cocktail at the start of meals for a talking point for customers. Over time we have adapted our menu to add more smoking cocktails and use them at different times. The main positives for us is that the system is quick and easy to use and the drinks are enjoyed by all age groups.”

Pamela’s Bar & Restaurant, Norfolk, UK 

Mimi Saunders:

“I run a modern upmarket dining and drinking establishment that specialises in creating unique customer experiences. We purchased the JetChill System as we believed it would entertain our guests in new ways and we were not disappointed. In addition to the smoking drinks we also use the dry ice from the Machine for food presentation and with the Vapour Cloud. These create a great talking point for our customers.”

JetChill Dry Ice Cocktail Machine Testimonial

Drink Brand Case Studies 

Diageo, Texas, USA

Howard Venegas:

“As Director of national spirit sales I am always looking for effective bar equipment that can boost our On Trade sales revenue. There has not been a great deal of innovation in this part of the industry since cold shot machines were introduced in the early 1990’s. JetChill has bucked the trend and given fresh impetus to On Trade point of sale marketing. With a customised branding option the products are the perfect point of sale marketing tool for our drinks brands. It gets new and existing customers interacting with our brands and the drinks create the perfect group photo opportunity which is fantastic for boosting social media interaction.”

Bacardi, Brisbane, Australia

Alexis Owen:

“I am Sales Manager for Bacardi On Premise. We were looking to push our brand in the young cool late night market of the Gold Coast. We needed a product that was loud and exciting and JetChill fitted the bill. The increase in sales revenue is evident on the nights that the smoking drinks are on sale. And we found that we were getting new customers coming down to venues and events just to try out the JetChill theatrical experience.”

JetChill Dry Ice Cocktail Machine Testimonial

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