Dry Ice Drinks Machine, Glass Frosting Machine, Drinks Printer, & Mixology Ingredients  

Our current portfolio of Commercial Bar Equipment is all produced to the highest quality and safety standards.

Including our own JetChill, GlassChill, Flavour Blaster & Cocktail Chameleon brands which are manufactured in the UK.

JetChill System – Automated process enables Bartenders to quickly and safely serve Dry Ice Chilled Smoking Drinks. Unique theatre results in a quick Return On Investment.

GlassChill Machine – Hands-free automated Machine that chills, frosts and cleans any type of drinks glass quicker than a refrigerator. Generates Up Selling due to enhanced Customer drinking experience and quality perception.

Ripple Maker – This Wi-Fi enabled countertop device prints, or “ripples”, fun photos and inspiring messages onto coffee, cocktails and beer using coffee-extract filled Ripple Pods.

Flavour Blaster – Blow flavoured bubbles & aromas onto cocktails, spirits, mocktails, foods & desserts. Infuse your cocktail creations with a cloud of flavoured vapour.

The Cocktail Chameleon – Selection of innovative drink ingredients such as Blue/Black Chameleon, Flavour Drops, Cocktail Pearls & Crackle Rocks. Perfect for the modern Barman to revamp old drinks menu’s.


Cyclone Tower – Illuminated drink dispenser that creates a mesmerising effect when glitter drink mix is added. Eye catching Point Of Sale that generates Add On sales.

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