02. Flavour Blaster Flavours (Coming Soon)


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  • 30ml plastic bottles
  • Unique flavours
  • Specially designed for the Flavour Blaster
  • Infuse food and cocktails with aroma
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Signature juice flavours and bubble mixture for use with the Flavour Blaster. The flavours are specifically formulated for the Flavour Blaster to produce an irresistible aroma. Flavours comes in 30ml bottles and can be quickly dispensed into the refillable Flavour Blaster Tanks.

3cm L x 3cm W x 8cm H (1″ L x 1″ W x 3″ H)
80g (3 oz)
Pack Size
8cm L x 4cm W x 8cm H (3″ L x 2″ W x 3″ H)
Pack Weight
80g (3 oz)
1 / cardboard box
30ml (3 oz)

Flavour Blaster Brochure


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